About Love Brenda

On March 14th I went to Cincinnati with my mom for a week of testing at Christ Hospital. The purpose of the trip was to help mom make a decision about whether or not she wanted to have heart valve replacement surgery. Without it, the doctor’s are projecting that she’ll live another 6 months to a year. But the surgery is very dangerous as well. Some patients in her condition have the surgery and don’t ever recover. Some of them die in recovery within 6 months of having the surgery. After much prayer and deliberation, she decided not to have surgery.

I told my mother that I would respect and support her in whatever her decision was and I fully intend to uphold that promise. But, needless to say, this news was difficult for me accept as a daughter. But it’s difficult  living with this information. I can’t even describe how hard it is to fathom that you could lose your mother in a less than a year. Ever since we came back I’ve struggled to live my life daily with this reality. I’m ok with my mother’s decision, but I’m struggling every single day with focusing on making the most of the time I have left with her. She’s not gone yet, and I don’t anticipate her dying tomorrow, but at least once a day I find myself crying or dreading the moment when she is gone.

I’ve realized I’m focused on all the wrong things about what the next year could hold. The coming months could be amazing for all of us. We could grow closer to one another than we’ve ever been and enjoy one another’s company more than we ever have. So this is my way to move toward that. I’ve created Love Brenda to help me focus on all the things I love about my mother. And I want to invite any family and friends who are interested to do the same. Feel free to submit posts, pictures, videos, memories, stories, songs, whatever you feel is appropriate to show Brenda how much you love her.

I want us all to make the most of the time we have with Mommy and not be paralyzed in fear of anticipation for what the future holds. Use this website as a resource to show some love to Brenda Sue.